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Our faith based recovery program has come alongside families in their most difficult time for over 25 years.  We have assisted thousands of men recover life.


Your Freedom From Addiction Starts Here

Beyond the emotional, relational, and spiritual devastation of chemical dependency lies the bare truth: addiction to drugs, alcohol or any controlling behavior is progressive and sometimes fatal.

If you or someone you love has life slipping away due to addiction, Eagle Creek Recovery Center provides a life and spiritual saving program of intervention. Our program assists residents in transitioning from detox to healthy living through a faith based program focusing on overcoming the emotional behavior that led to addiction through faith, personal support, and community involvement. We build on the skills to grow confidence and embrace sobriety. Experience the miracle of recovery—and take back your life.

Call us today to enroll in our 90 day residential treatment program for drugs and alcohol.


Everyone is invited!  Your ticket purchase and any donations support the operations of Eagle Creek Recovery Center and our efforts to free men from a life of addiction.

Come for the dinner and learn more about the efforts of Eagle Creek and how they help your community.

Providing Solutions to Your Hope

Eagle Creek has a 25 year history of helping men out of a life of drug and alcohol addiction. Our program is faith based mixed with counseling, group trainings, and community service programs. The focus is not only to assist a person in moving away from addiction, but in finding an understanding of themselves. Each person we see is valuable in the lives of others and to God, our work is to remind them they are valuable to themselves.


Credits to Rick Rowe: Stories From the Heart; KTBS Channel 3 Shreveport, LA

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Miracle Focus Point Interview

Miracle Focus Point Interview

Eagle Creek On Miracle 89.1 RadioMiracle 89.1 FM is a locally owned and operated Christian radio station in the Shreveport/Bossier metroplex.  Their show, "Focus Point," introduces and interviews area non-profit organizations giving back to the community. The host...

Learning to Love

Learning to Love

Author credit: Louisa P   https://aspiritualevolution.net/ How I Learned to Love People In my twenties, I claimed to be more than an introvert; I was someone who just plain didn’t like people. That worked great for me as a melancholy drunk, because I needed lotsa...

A Spiritual Evolution

A Spiritual Evolution

Struck Clean Everyone had given up on David Morris. At 45, he lived only for cocaine, and nothing was going to change that.  His family once intervened and sent him to a 30-day treatment, all of them so happy and hopeful when he graduated! But then he used again,...